BESTIS’ repetitive work for the Japanese

  • Our main uniqueness is the repeated long-term practice and acquired experience with using of Japanese methods of industrial complexes investment construction management.

  • These methods are world-widely and in general unequivocally recognized and respected by professionals working in this sphere as the most state-of-the-art, most perfect, and on the basis of it as worldwide leading, worldwide best, and thereby absolutely unique.

  • With guaranteed knowledge and with repeated detailed practice, we use expertly typical Japanese working systems and methods, such as KAIZEN, HANSEI, and GENCHI GENBUTSU, as well as others, for example, methods 5 times Why and 5S, and that is including persistent, always, everywhere and without break practiced passion for excellency and hunger for insistent increasing and achievement of the highest possible quality and preciseness at all points.

  • At the same time, we always express and provide to the authorities sincerely, helpfully, with guaranteed adoration and supremacy the unconditional typical Japanese respect, and that is which, according to the Japanese traditions and customs, the usual custom practice and neediness. We very well know, in our own experience, what is necessary for it and do it with the highest inner discipline and politeness.

  • At the same time we are able to work actively for the Japanese always with respectively famous, honorable and world-wide very well-known intensiveness of commitment for the whole period of the Japanese traditional, usually twelve-hour, but according to actual neediness even longer, without any limitation, daily working time, which wasn’t even agreed in advance, and that is seven days a week and all the time.

  • We are proud for repeated cooperation with the Japanese; we pay and confer definite homage and compliments to the Japanese working culture, practices and customs for what and how the Japanese unambiguously professionally and personally enriched us during working for them, we display our gratefulness and admiration to them for it, we thirst for other such cooperation with them, we are continually ready for it and well know, how personally to prepare for servicing for them and for fulfilment of their, constantly growing strong and perhaps uncompromising requirements for achievement of their future targets and successes.

  • We like eating with the Japanese sticks, and know and honor their customs and rules for eating.