On return from abroad

  • On return from travelling from an abroad mission, we in BESTIS all of the time before our next departure for a foreign country for a job focus on intensive continuation of unceasing completion and escalation of quality of our professional education, and thereby professional qualification in both needed and related branches, and at the same time on continual increasing and general development of our personal qualities and general erudition.
  • That’s why we in BESTIS carefully pursue progress in our branch and outside of it, we know of the latest modern progressive trends and innovations of any engineering and technology, we incessantly and continually extend our knowledge. Thereby we visit appropriate courses and trainings, as well as shows, trade-fairs and other actions suitable to it.
  • We are also particular about regular checks and about provision of our own health, including ensuring excellent physical fitness as an essential part of intensive and complex preparation for our problem-free next departure for job to the world.