During working with projects in general

  • During discussions, meetings and collective settlement of problems we are resourceful, hardworking, constructive, innovative, imaginative, flexible, ambitious and universally modern.
  • Beside of the above mentioned, in the building site we also fully demonstrate our dexterity, promptitude, manual skill and cleverness, as well as progressiveness, agility, dynamism and brightness, ingenuity, creativity and high productiveness.
  • During our work and outside of it, we always honor and observe absolute fairness, consistence, absolute sincerity and absolute honesty, absolute respect, dignity, helpfulness, solicitude and politeness, and that is in general, i.e. always and everywhere.
  • We behave toward all with manifestation and observation of the highest standards of culture, graciousness, morality, ethics, aesthetics and etiquette.
  • As for etiquette, we well know and are governed by reputable stabile general structure of the etiquette of business negotiation, although abroad we are also focused on full observation of the etiquette of the structure of a business and working meeting valid in the given country.
  • Further we are governed by the etiquette of social connection, the generally reputable etiquette of initiation, course and termination of a phone conversation, and also revere and observe other etiquettes and traditions, as well as customs both general and set in the place of our abroad work.
  • In addition, what we say, we always fulfil, and in the desirable points even overfulfil, and shorten dead-lines where it is desirable as well.