Before departure to abroad

Before departure to foreign countries, we in BESTIS always perform professional preparation that includes study of the building legislation, regulations, rules, directives and custom practices related to execution of our profession in this country and in the given place. It includes:

  • study of social, cultural, religious, economic, political and geographic history and the present of the corresponding foreign country.
  • study of local customs and traditions, knowledge of all local religions in the target region, and that is including minor ones, to which all we behave with absolute full respect and with guaranteed full reverence and trust.
  • language preparation, which enables us both basic general and professional communication with local specialists in the building site in their language and with their lettering.
  • full vaccination for the given country and the place according to recommendations of a doctor specializing in the travel medicine.
  • settlement of documents for abroad travelling as is health and professional working insurance of our employees and arrangement of an international driving license as well.
  • provision of quality equipment needed for successful execution of the profession, such as working cloths, safety boots and special safety and other utilities, complete computing, office and communicating top-quality state-of-the-art means with needed software, photographic camera, a video camera, and, if suitable, a drone with a video camera, etc.