BESTIS s.r.o.

Beskydy Society for Technical and Engineering Services



BESTIS is a smaller Czech company oriented to abroad projects, including outside of Europe, up to Asia and the entire world.


The company established in 1990 acts from 1997 as Limited Liability Company.


The word identification „BESTIS" is the registered and protected brand name and the all rights reserved intellectual property of company BESTIS.


In 2020, BESTIS celebrated 30th anniversary of its own business.


BESTIS specializes in provision of technical, engineering, managerial, inspecting, expert and counselling services for investors in the sphere of construction of foreign industrial projects.


BESTIS’s Best Practice Conception

  • With permanent education, both professional and personal, to high quality of BESTIS’s services; and with high services quality to the absolute satisfaction of BESTIS’s Clients, and that is both in the Czech Republic and all around the world.
  • Don’ts and Do’s of BESTIS: Not 3P: Profit, Profit, Profit but 3P: People, Planet, Profit.
  • Never ending Smart, Clever and Ingenious innovative proposals providing for the BESTIS’s professional specialization and for R&D within this specialization, as well as for more generally usage in other business branches, both for professional patents and patents for common life also.

Last Topic

2020 - BESTIS celebrated 30 years in business

2020 - BESTIS celebrated 30 years in business