Codices of BESTIS

Etic codex of BESTIS

  • Never lie, never steal and never be afraid with guaranteed superiority to fulfil in time own obligations, engagements, arrangements and promises.
  • BESTIS has accepted as its own and is permanently observing the ETIC CODEX of a proper member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

Quality codex of BESTIS

  • BESTIS has high personal and all possible professional quality in the core of its business, and that is including provision of quality of safety and protection of human health at work and at operation, and including high quality of care of environmental conservation as well.

Anti-corruption codex of BESTIS

  • No corruption activity was linked, is linked and will be linked with the philosophy and the concept of BESTIS Company.

Social responsibility codex of BESTIS

From very beginning of its existence, BESTIS during its practice uses principles of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and that is by regular financial and moral support of the Fund of Endangered Children (FEC).